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xGOx (Symbol: XGOX) was originally successfully launched as GOKUCOIN. A recent re-naming and branding of the coin to xGOx has been a huge success. Close to follow the re-brand, was our first game, which leverages xGOx as currency. It is the first of many games to launch in 2017 and beyond. In late October, the coin received the exclusive airdrop for GoToken. The xGOx team also launched a community driven project called JOY coin. The initial JOY ICO was exclusively paid with xGOx coins. xGOx was built both for use in the real world as a currency and a catalyst for block-chain innovation. xGOx is supported by a dedicated and focused team which is backed up by a massive community, which is always active on our discord channel.

Cryptocurrencies have garnered significant media focus over the last year. One of the major questions surrounding cryptocurrency is what kind of real value they hold. Many crypto watchers have been quick to label the craze as a bubble, especially a digital coin like Bitcoin that has taken off in the past year. There are others that are convinced that digital currency will become standard in the future and they will be around for the long run. The use of digital coins to purchase goods and services can be enticing for many consumers. Even though current forms of many cryptocurrencies are highly speculative, many investors have not shied away from making some big bets. With so many new coin offerings hitting the market, investors will have to be extra careful when choosing which ones to add to the portfolio.

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies has produced widespread public interest. Although the current intrigue is high, the potential impact on existing financial systems is not fully known. Cryptocurrencies can be viewed as electronic accounting systems that record transactions. In general, they are decentralized. This means that there is no central government or authority responsible for ledger and code maintenance. The popularity of Bitcoin specifically has made crypto markets a widely discussed subject. With so much uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies, investors will be closely watching market developments as we move deeper into the year. Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, but they may function a bit differently. There are various factors to look at when examining a specific digital currency. Some of these include processing speed, available currency supply, and total amount of currency. Investors will most likely want to dig deeper and see who is behind a certain coin. Currencies that seem too good to be true might be just exactly that. There should be plenty of information available from the creators that can be researched. Understanding how different cryptocurrencies work may help the investor decide which ones are worth purchasing and which ones should be left alone.

General Information


Premine Burnt


Discord Users


Multi Gaming Platform


Current APR


Successful Fork and Re-branding to Go!Coin

Listing the GoKu Coin on Cryptopia, Nova Exchange successfully

Over 10000 Airdrops promoting the xgox project

Implementation of the first xgox game. Blackjack

Another 20 million XGOX coins burnt on the 25 October 2017

New wallet free alerts and designed

Successful one to one Airdrop of GTK, to all XGOX coins holders at block 70k. More than 700 accounts credited with GoTokens. We think the biggest free airdrop in crypto so far.

Burn lotto Listing for XGOX, GTK and JOYCOIN

Rasberry Pi wallet released.

Community driven project, producing a new coin. Winner JOYCOIN.

FULL Re-branding the Go!Coin to XGOX Officially. This avoids any copyright issues going forward. Includes new wallets, website and additional area's.

3 Successful forks, with the latest for adding anti-inflationary measures.

Website reworked, including re-branding.

More than a 100% of the pre-mined coins have been burnt to date. 12-11-2017

First XGOX Merchant accepting XGOX coins as payment.

Success on support.

Video Intro for any and all videos. Training and announcements.

Basic Language translation added to the website.

New wallet free alerts and designed.

Southexhange added usd pairs

Black Jack,

Becoming a Sponsor at the Coinfest UK conference.

Mobile wallets

Giveaway phase 6


API for developers /free multiplayer game with premium functions enabled thru xgox boost / XGOX burn thru swap with Master node coin MIRAI / Research on new merchants.


Operate with API to extend the XGOX use and thru the door opening for developers interested on coin integration in their projects / Periodically update of software, site and forum threads / yearly evaluation with community to decide if specs are still the good ones or by any circumstance we should move to> / focus on game creation, no gambling but free mporpg / roadmap yearly updates, / manteineance of xgox services such as explorers and nodes to be added to guarantee a strong and fast network.

Our Team

Our great discord team composed of helpers, community manager, and merchants online, thanks to all the professionals helping us with punctual tasks and other works for this project. Special thanks for our strong community that have opened our eyes when we’ve taken a wrong desition and we’ve reached consensus on what to do next so many times, you are one more in the team!


Crypto enthusiast from 2013

An entrepreneur, a real estate agent, now turned as an advisor for many cryptocurrency has the knowledge set that very few posses and is a vital component to xgox.


An entrepreneur, freelance professional

Now turned core developer and team leader for xgox. Has the knowledge set that very few posses and is a vital component to xgox.


Crypto Enthusiast from 2013

Worked on many coins on different roles. has spent his long term crypto interests on helping many crypto teams fulfill their dream of a working blockchain. ‘’everyone deserves the right to their own blockchain.’’ He said. Together with Alex her are the blockchain keepers.


Art & Design Guru

Distinctive skills here to give the artistic touch for our project.

And thanks to all the professionals helping us with punctual tasks and other works for this project we couldn’t reach here without you guys!

Partners and Merchants

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Important Reminder

ATTENTION: Make sure you are using V2230 version of XGOX to prevent problems. Gently check if you are running the correct wallet and only one in the correct fork. If you run other version than the mention above, please update your wallet ASAP.


The cryptocurrency market has inherent risks, please proceed with extreme caution and always do your own due diligence. The XGOX team is not responsible for negligence of third parties such as vendors, mining pools, exchanges and other entities.